What To Do In Tucson Arizona? Here Is The List

Arizona is famous for the desert landscape that does not exist in another place. If you want to go there and wondering what to do in Tucson Arizona, here are 6 activities you can do there.

1. Visit Museum

If you are asking what to do in Tucson Arizona? Most people will answer the go-to dessert. But actually, Tucson also has some interesting museums to visit.

Sonora Dessert museum is one of the most unique museums in the world, which is located there. Here you can see the incredible view of dessert, botanical garden, and zoo. All the things inside this museum are about dessert life.

So, tourist which never see dessert yet will love this place. You can buy the ticket there. The estimated time to see all the things inside is about 2 hours. Then the best time to start the tour is at 04.00 pm.

2. Going To The Dessert

The next incredible thing to do in Tucson is going to the dessert. As you know that Arizona has a large dessert area.

You can go to Saguaro National Park to see the real dessert. Here you can meet some dessert animal wildlife for example lizard, jackrabbits, and woodpeckers.

There are also high and big cactus which is the most common dessert plant. If you like, you also can do camping in Gilbert Ray Campground.

3. See Incredible Architecture

Arizona also has great designed buildings to see. Mission San Xavier del Bac, which is also known as White Dove In The Dessert is one of the most gorgeous building.

It presents the beauty of baroque style building. This is actually a spiritual center.

The exterior design looks simple but stunning. It has a white-colored wall, with a brown wall at the center. Then inside the building, you can see great painting above.

4. Come To The Old Tucson

Tucson has an old town called old Tucson. This place actually built for a movie, then it becomes a place that makes people want to see.

Here tourists can see vintage styles live show, which includes musical, stunt show, and etc. You will feel the ambiance of living in the wild west perfectly here.

5. Driving In Mount Lemmon Scenic Drive

If you like to see the landscape of the mount, you also can drive in Mount Lemmon. Here you can see a beautiful view of the mount.

The way is not too hard. So you can drive here to calm your mind. Make sure the weather is good, so you will see the best view ever.

There are some pretty spots to take photos there. So you can stop for a minute to take rest and some photos.

6. Hiking

What to do in Tucson Arizona number 6 and the most exciting things to try is hiking. You can do this activity in some hiking tracks which offer a different feel.

You can see a pretty natural pool in the Seven Falls trail or Romero pools trail. Hereafter hiking, you can swim in the pool.

The tracks also not too hard to do. If you just want short hiking, you can go to the Sutherland trail. Actually, the hiking track is so long, but you don’t have finished it. You can just walk for some meters than find a pretty view there.

Those 6 activities are what to do in Tucson Arizona for tourists. There are more things to do there actually like having great food in the best restaurant.

All the activity you can do here depends on what you like. Spend your holiday here with family or friends, and have a new experience.