What Should Parent Knows About Siblings Rivalry and the Causes of It

Having a child is a blessing, but also it is challenging at the same time. Moreover, you don’t only have one. The condition starts to be messy when your kid has a sister or brother. It probably gets worse when the sister or brother is not blood-related. Once you see they are arguing and competing, be aware of siblings rivalry. If this term is new for you then all about what should parent knows about siblings rivalry are here.

Before our discussion is going further, you have to understand the concept of siblings rivalry. It is a condition where your kids are competing or animosity with the siblings. The siblings are their sisters or brothers who spend childhood together with their parents. Actually, the siblings have to have strong bonding. But, within’ different factors, the sibling’s rivalry happens. Below are other things what should parent knows about siblings rivalry:

1. Parents’ Attention and Responsiveness

As we mentioned above that the causes of siblings rivalry are various. One of the most reason is because of parents’ attention. Sometimes the parent gives more attention to one side than the others. This can cause jealousy among the siblings. Also, less responsive to the other might result in this too. The kids who receive less care attention will do anything they can to get equal attention from the parent.

2. Unsolved Fight

Indeed, it is normal to see the kids are fighting and arguing for something insignificant. But, if you let it for long-term, the problem is not unsolved. It is not good for their relationship. Thus, as the parent, you have to mediate them and give an equal solution. Don’t too hard to the elder, don’t too tolerance to the younger.

3. Gender Issue

Another common reason is because of gender. Usually, the parent gives more attention and tolerance to the girls instead of the boy. On the other hand, it is good to teach responsibility to the boy. So that they are growing to be a stronger and more responsible man in the future. But, make sure that the boys understand what your point is. Also, give the same understanding to the girls not too be spoiled in front of their brothers.

4. Feeling Threatened with the Baby

Siblings rivalry does not always happen when the kids get toddler together. When you just born their new sister or brother, it might happen too. Even they are still kids, inside themselves have a feeling like an adult. For several toddlers, they can feel a threatened or fear not getting the same attention as before. If you cannot solve this, they potentially hurt the baby and it is very dangerous.

5. The Parent’s Role

You might think that you already give equal attention. But, sometimes you don’t realize how you show the dad’s and mom’s roles should be. When the kids see the unproper role, this could be the cause too. Indeed, it quite relates to gender role. Thus, sit together with your partner and discuss whether something wrong both of you have shown to the kids.

What should parent knows about siblings rivalry is not only about the causes. If this happens to your kids, it is okay to see someone professional. Tell them the cases, never think every small thing is insignificant. Because it could be bigger once you don’t make a solution.