Top 5 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

Kids are likely to eat junk food at this age. For them, junk food is the most delicious food because they are sweet and salty. Whereas, junk food is not good for their health. Therefore, it’s important to make an innovation like healthy lunch ideas for kids.

Healthy food is not something our kids want. Besides, it’s something that they like to avoid. Mostly because of the taste of healthy food which is not as good as junk food. However, we can still change it. Here are some ideas of lunch box filling.

1. Energy Bites Style

In your kids’ lunch box, you can include some food which is not only healthy but also delicious. Energy bites fill with loaded and hearty ingredients of real food. These energy bites usually have oats, nut butter, honey and mix-ins inside it.

The flavor itself depends on what you like such as cinnamon, walnut, and raisins for the oatmeal. Also, you can mix with white chocolate chips and dried blueberries. This kind of combination, of course, will make your kids love their lunch. Plus, it’s healthy yet delicious.

2. Pasta With Pesto And Peas

Most people seem to like using pasta for dinner. On the other hand, pasta is also good for lunch if you put it correctly. This one way of fast food will be ready in 30 minutes or might be less. Furthermore, you can also serve it warm or cold.

This is a simple dish and very easy to make. The basic ingredients that you need are pasta, peas, cheese, and water. Moreover, you can make this dish in a pot and make it as their lunch.

3. Cranberry-Walnut Chicken Salad

This is another way to make our kids love their meals. Kids like something sweet and colorful. Therefore, the idea of using cranberry is one way to help. This salad usually consists of chicken salad filled with dried cranberries, apples, walnuts, and parsley.

However, you can also add tender chicken, dill and celery. The combination of peanut, berry, leaves, and meat is perfect. You can imagine how colorful this lunch would be. That’s why this is one of healthy lunch ideas for kids.

4. Pimento Egg Salad

There is a lot of food created from an egg. No matter kids or adults, they love eggs. Therefore, pimento egg salad is one way to make our kids love their lunch. The combination of egg with diced pimentos and sweet pickle relish is perfect.

Put them on the bread will just make a lovely taste. This idea will just make your kids love their lunch.

5. Mini Carrot Muffins

Muffins relate to our grandma. Healthy pumpkin muffins are one way to give our kids healthy food. Apart from its basic ingredients which are a carrot, you also need to use apples to make a perfect taste. Besides, this dish is similar to carrot cake and pumpkin bread.

Firstly, make a pumpkin puree and add moisture, nutrients, and flavor. After that, add sweetness and fiber to the grated carrots and apple. You can also cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. The combination of all flour will make this muffin tender and sturdy. 

Those all healthy lunch ideas for kids are easy to make. They are simple yet healthy. Moreover, kids love attractive color and this food is the answer.