Top 5 Easy DIY Headband For Baby That You Can Copy

If you have a daughter, surely all parents like to dress her up so that their child looks cute and adorable. One way is to put the headband on her head. However, you don’t need to buy a lot of headbands because you can make it yourself at home. This is because this article will tell you how to make a DIY headband for baby.

You can make headbands for babies using t-shirts or cloth in your home. Of course, you don’t need a big, wide shirt and fabric because your child’s head is still small. If you want to find out more about DIY headband for baby, here is the inspiration:

1. Knotted Baby Head Tie

You can prepare knit fabrics or shirts that have not been used for a long time and baby head tie patterns. Cut the baby head tie in accordance with the pattern that has been made, and make two baby head ties.

Then, you can put the baby head tie together by stitching it together. You can put a baby head tie on your child’s head and you tie it like a ribbon. Although it is made by stitching, this headband is very easy for you to make.

2. No-Sew Flowers

You can make headbands for babies without having to sew them. The equipment you have to provide is scissors, hot glue gun, stretchy and soft elastic, and fabric flowers.

Cut the elastic to the size of your child’s head and attach it using a glue gun to join the ends together. Then, you can put the flower fabric on the elastic to enhance your baby’s headband. Now you can make a DIY headband for baby in a very short time, right?

3. Stretchy Knit Headband

You can prepare stretch knit fabric cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler. Cut a stretch knit fabric with a width of 5 “using a rotary cutter. Fold the long end into the middle and attach it using hot glue. Glue one end of the headband to the other end.

Cut 3 “long piece of fabric and 3/4” wide and repeat the second step. You can adjust the side of the seam to face inward and fold the tube to the smaller one around the front of the headband. Then, repeat step 3 and now you have a new headband that your favorite child can use.

4. Quick No-Sew Headband

Provide ruched elastic, daisy trim, and dry fabric glue or a glue gun. Cut the ruched elastic according to the circumference of your child’s head and attach one end to the other using a glue gun.

As a decoration, you can put a daisy trim on top of the ruched elastic so that it becomes a very beautiful baby headband. This baby headband is very easy for you to make. In addition, you also do not incur huge costs just to make this baby headband.

5. Felt Flower Headband

This DIY headband for baby is very easy and beautiful. Prepare felt, stretchy elastic, hot glue gun, and pen. Make 7 circles of the same size using felt and cut them altogether.

Fold one of the circles in half and fold it again to 3/4 circles and repeat this step so that you have 5 pieces. Stick those 5 pieces of felts on a felt circle that has been given glue on it.

One last piece, make a fold as instructed before and stick it in the middle of the flower. Cut stretchy elastic according to the size of your baby’s head; stick both ends, and stick-felt flowers.

DIY headband for baby is very easy for you to make at home in a short time. In fact, the material can also take advantage of t-shirts that you haven’t used for a long time. Besides, if you can’t sew, you can make a baby headband using only a hot glue gun, it’s easy, right?