The Weirdest Music Video Ever You Might Want To Know

Weirdest Music Video Ever

There are many things that a singer usually wants to deliver in their music video. Usually, through the music video, they want to show the lyrics of the song. Some others want to show the meaning of the songs through their music videos. However, with the high pressure in the industry, some singers prefer to make their music video strange. By making it weirdest music video ever, people will get curious. They then watch the video. And will be money for the singer. 

Despite the royalty from music videos, some singers are just strange. They prefer to show something different and show the real them. For your reference, check out and see the weirdest music video ever:

1.  Lady Gaga – Judas

Lady Gaga herself is known as a unique but also weird person. Her personality is quite different compared to other singers. Almost all her music video is weird. But the one with the strangest scenes was Judas. It was the weirdest music video ever because of the controversial content. The video also contains a religion and important characters from it. Thus, it was weird, many people saw the music video on YouTube.

2. Kings of Leon – Radioactive

It was released in 2010. The music video takes place in beautiful Africa. The truth is, the music video wasn’t too strange. The weirdest part was the clothes of the personnel. Acting as a religious person, they should have to wear something more appropriate. This was one of the weirdest because we just couldn’t find the red line between the clothes and theme. But just like before, many people were keen to see the music video. This is due to the catchy music. Even though many people said things about the music video, it was still lovable for its fans.

3. Susan B – Perfect Day

Normally love songs are full of hearts and happiness, then this is the opposite. The music is a loving song for couples. It explains the happy days spending it with each other. However, the music video was a complete opposite of the lyrics of the songs. The video contains dark hills and cloudy clouds. Most of the video shows the dark side of the forest. Maybe there is something meant to be explained in the video. But, it is quite a weird music video.

4. Rebecca Black – Friday

The next weird music video is Friday. It is not from a popular singer. However, the singer became popular after this music video. However, the music video was famous because of being so poor quality. Many commented about how bad the quality was. Some also said that the video clip was just not attached to the song. Overall it was weird and failed music video.

Despite different opinions, in our opinion, those are the weirdest music video ever. Even though some of the videos were weird and fail, but the songs were not. The songs were still catchy and able to enjoy. But remember, weird is not always strange. Sometimes singers become weird and deliver hidden meanings for their viewers. So, don’t judge a song just by its music video.