The Best Business For Village Area In Indonesia

The business growth in Indonesia has kept increasing by the following years. Not only in the metropolis cities but also in the village areas as well. People are starting to choose small cities to build their business. Not only for their investment but also to increase the economy of the city itself. Before building it, make sure to choose the best business for village area in Indonesia.

best business for village area

There are plenty of big cities that are full of great businesses. Starting from Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, and Semarang. However, there are also small cities that are potential for people to start a business. Not only because the city is still lack of it, but also because the city has a great human resource. Here is the best business for village area in Indonesia.

1. Majalengka in West Java

The first village area that would be a great option to start a business is Majalengka in West Java. It is a small city near Bandung. Since the previous years, Bandung has been one of the best destinations for holiday and business. However, it has become enlarging and Majalengka is becoming the next city in West Java to become a prospect city. Moreover, Majalengka has one of the best creative economy systems in Indonesia.

2. Kutai Kartanegara in East Kalimantan

The next best business the village area in Indonesia is Kutai Kartanegara in East Kalimantan. This place is going to a blast because the capital city of Indonesia would move here. The city is keeping growing for the last months because of it. Since the place has still not much business, moreover it would be the new capital city of Indonesia. Building a business here is the right option for people and the result is promising.

3. Bantaeng in South Sulawesi

Bantaeng is the only village area in Indonesia that receives the most awards from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In the previous, a lot of people does not know about this city. Even though people know it, people know it as a city that often gets floods. However, it knows has become a great destination for culinary and travel. Starting a business here is also a great option. The city is keeping growing as also the economic sectors.

4. Malang in East Java

Another best business for village area in Indonesia is in Malang and Batu. These two cities are keeping growing as the fast roads towards this city is available. Moreover, human resource here is excellent. The city has already become an effective city and it is becoming bigger and greater.

5. Ternate in North Maluku

Ternate is also growing fast in the last couple of years. The Ministry of Sport and Youth has also given an award to Ternate. It is because Ternate is a village area that is worth to stay and also it has big care to the netizen. It is also categorized as a city that is worth to start a business.

Choosing the best business for village area is an important item to pay attention to starting an economy. The cities are growing quickly. Moreover, the cities are worth to be chosen.