6 Richest Singer All The Time You Should Know

Have you ever think about how rich the singer can be? Many people had a profession as a singer but not many of them can be a successful one. If the singers started to be famous, they will get so many jobs to sing in the big event. As a result, they will get a lot of money from that. Everyone can be a singer but not for the richest singer all the time.

Richest Singer All the Time

However, a singer is a hard profession. They should act like nothing happens when they must sing in bad condition. Besides, they also feel much pressure from others. Also, the hectic schedule will make a singer easy to tired. So, it is reasonable when they had a big fee. Here is some richest singer all the time.

1. Paul McCartney

Paul is the richest singer in the world, he worth more than $1.2 billion. He got it from the royalties as a songwriter in the Beatles album. On the other hand, Paul McCartney also has a solo career where he plays an instrument and sing. Above all, Paul has win 18 Grammys and also have big music publishing companies such as Grease and Annie.

2. Bono

The second richest singer is Bono. He had a lot of musical projects through the band and others. Bono is a smart singer who has a large property portfolio. Besides, he had much investment in Facebook. Above all, his Hotel in Dublin gives the highest income for him.

3. Madonna

Firstly, Madonna is the top richest woman singer. She dominated pop charts in the 1980s and also make her a legends. Guinness World Records acclaim Madonna as the bestselling female recording artist in forever. Besides, she had a lot of business include her label, health club, and also active in many endorsements.

4. Mariah Carey

Name of Mariah Carey started to famous in 1990 after she released five singles and become top hits. She gets more money from other businesses than singing. For example, she has a record in many singles that in the top chart. Besides, she also had residencies, documentaries, and tours company.

5. Elton John

The next richest singer all the time is Elton John. He started as a songwriter for other artists. After that, he becomes interesting to sing it by himself. Above all, he got a lot of appreciation like Grammys which is he has won five times, Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe. He also works as a film writer.

6. Dolly Parton

This singer grew up poor in the Great Smoky Mountains. She accepts her past and started to write about that. Along with that, she declares that she has composed more than 3000 songs.  Moreover, she had many hits that won Grammys, AMA, and other awards.

The richest singer all the time is dominated by the old singer. All of them got money not only from singing but also from other businesses. While others are going on the razzle, they started to think and invest the money for other businesses. They know that his popularity will not in forever.