The Majority Of Native English Speaking Countries In The World

English has become one of the most used languages in the world. Almost everyone in the world can speak English, some even make it their second language. In some countries, sometimes more people can speak in English rather than their language such as Singapore. This makes people confused, and asking is this a native English country? If not, where and what are native English speaking countries in the world? 

A native English-speaking country is a country that makes English as their first language. Even though many countries speak English, it doesn’t mean they are a native English country. Here are the top native English speaking countries in the world that you must know:

1. The United States of America

One of the most crowded places in the world, the United States have 300 million native speakers. This also makes them the largest English speaking country in the world. Well, this is no wonder. Because of the most common language used in English and secondly Spanish. There hasn’t been a formal second language in the United States, but most people can speak Spanish. The schools and public facilities also all deliver their information by English. So, for those who plan to come here must learn English first.

2. Canada

The next native English speaking countries in the world is Canada. If you see on the map, the location of Canada is not far from the United States of America. Well, Canada is a country in North America and has ten provinces. A bit differs from the US, in Canada, there are two languages usually used, English and French. However, 85.6% of the population are native English-speaker making English as their first language.

Only one province in Canada, which is New Brunswick, that has English and French as their first language. In their daily life, people deliver their language using English. However beneath them, usually there will a French language too. Therefore, at schools, teachers deliver French language studies, but it is not made as a second language.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, with many beautiful places to visit. The dominant and de facto language in New Zealand is English. Almost everyone in the country, whether native or immigrants as a second language. Overall, the English used in America and Australia is not much different.

Only some of the pronunciations of some of the words are different. People say that Australian English is the same as England English. As for those who want to learn native English can choose New Zealand as an option. This is because New Zealand has been nominating as the safest place to study English. 

There are still many more native English speaking countries in the world such as England, Ireland and Jamaica. The English used in each country is the same. There may be some differences, such as pronunciations and spelling. But most of the meanings are the same. So, if you plan to visit or study English, choose one of these countries.