Reasons Why Jericoacoara Beach In Brazil Is A Wonderful Place To Visit

Do you know Brazil? Brazil is one of the wonderful countries that have many favorite destinations to visit. One of the favorite destinations in Brazil is Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil. When you talk about this place, you might not ignore that this place is very beautiful. As if proofing that the Higher Man above is generous in creating the earth we’re living.

Jericoacoara Beach

When you spend your holiday time in Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil, you will create a fantastic and unforgettable moment there. Interested in having a holiday here? Or you still confused about choosing the destination for the holiday? in this chance,  we will show you the destination object that you might do in Jericoacoara Beach. Let’s check this out.

1. Wonderful Sand Land

The first thing that you might see in Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil was the sand land. Almost the same with other beaches, Jericoacoara Beach also has wonderful sand. The white sand seem like a diamond because it has warm white to grey color while shining like a diamond. When you walk on this beach, you better to walk with your bare foot while enjoying the sand.

2. Fantastic Sunset

Except for the sand, this Jericoacoara Beach also has a beautiful sunset panorama. The sunset seems more beautiful because of the sand and also the color of the water. You will feel free, fresh like in a paradise. The sunset is the best panorama that many people can’t wait to watch this. Therefore, you also need to see this panorama.

3. Enjoying the Buggy Trips

The other wonderful destination in Jericoacoara Beach is the buggy trips. Buggy trips are very famous among tourist. The buggy trips will get you to the mangroves near from the Jericoacoara beach to the wonderful Lagoa Paraiso. Wah, it sounds great right?

You will not be bored to have your vacation here. Moreover, if you go to Jericoacoara Beach with someone special or a beloved family, you will get more happiness and unforgettable experiences here.

4. Capoeira Show

Not only enjoying your moment in the beach while looking at the sunset but in Jericoacoara Beach, you can also watch origin people practicing Capoeira. You might enjoy the Capoeira while enjoying the evening moments on the beach. It will be a great holiday ever for you.

5. Caipirinhas Stalls

Then, when enjoying the Capoeira and the evening moment in Jericoacoara Beach, you might have a Caipirinhas as your drink. Around Jericoacoara Beach, there are Caipirinhas stalls that sell fresh Caipirinhas from the fruity variations. You can choose your favorite taste while having a wonderful evening moment.

Well everyone, are you interested in having your holiday at Jericoacoara beach in Brazil? In this place, you can enjoy many things in one place. It starts from the beautiful sand land, beautiful water, having evening moments with a glass of Caipirinhas. Can you imagine that moment? It will be a wonderful trip ever with your beloved family or couple. Therefore, you need to spend your time on for holiday and refresh your mind before backing to daily life.