Food High In Fiber For Kids, Way To Get Healthier

When talking about kids, there will be no ending of stories. There are many problems arise around the kids. One of them is constipation. Some parents usually give complaints about how it is hard for their kids to poop regularly. While it may seem a hard problem, actually it is quite easy to solve. High fiber food. That’s right. To prevent the kids from constipation, you should give food high in fiber for kids.


Fiber is known to be good for health. It can help to prevent diabetes and filling the stomach. Besides, it also helps with the digestive system when paired with good hydration. As a result, you can prevent or even treat constipation. And that’s why you should include fiber in your kid’s diet. For your reference, these are food high in fiber for kids.

1. Apple

This sweet-crunchy fruit is well-liked by kids. Besides contain many vitamins and minerals, apple also contains fiber. In small apple most likely contain 3,6 grams of fiber. Eat this fruit and your kids will have no problem with their digestive system.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one food high in fiber for kids. You will find about 4 grams of fiber in one cup of cooked oatmeal. Thus make this food is really good to serve for breakfast. And to make it tastier you can add something like cinnamon, maple syrups, or raisin.

3. Carrot

Although many kids hate carrot, the fact is this fruit contains a high level of fiber. If you want to make a carrot more appealing to the kids, you must rack your brain a little. And the key is creativity. One example of this is you can bake some mini carrots and add cinnamon or chocolate. This will make the carrots more delicious and still keep the nutrition. When you eat this carrot, your body will absorb 2.9-gram fiber contained in it.

4. Bananas

If you want to look for food that contains high-level fiber, then banana can be answered. In a medium size of banana, it contains 3,1 gram fiber. You can serve this fruit as a snack between breakfast and lunch. You can also serve banana before your kids eat the meal in the morning or afternoon.

5. Berries

All of the berries contain high-level fiber such as strawberries, blueberry, and raspberries. For strawberries, it contains 1.5 grams per ½ cup. As for blueberries, the fiber contained in it is 1,8 per  ½ cup. And for raspberries, ½ cup of it contained 4 grams of fiber. Eat berries are good for health. But as you know, some berries are very sour. To make it tastier you can make it into jam and eat it with bread

6. Sweet Potato

One of the foods that contain high fiber is the sweet potato. You will find 3,8 grams of fiber in it. As a result, sweet potato is good for your kids’ digestive system.

That’s all about food high in fiber for kids. Choosing food for kids is a difficult matter. You do not only have to think about nutrition, but you also have to worry about the taste of the food. That’s why as a parent you should be creative in preparing food for the kids. By doing that, your kids will have no problem with eating any food.