Five Places Where To Go In Luxemburg

Do you want to visit Luxemburg but don’t know where to go? You don’t need to scroll your Google anymore. Because after this, we’ll bring you to some places where to go in Luxemburg. Make sure you get your notebook and write these down on it.

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1. The Old Quarter

Luxemburg is one of the oldest microstates in the world. That’s why you can find many historical yet beautiful places here. And the first historical destination you have to visit is The Old Quarter.

The Old Quarter is used to be the center of governmental activities at Luxembourg, some decades ago. Regarding its important role in the past, UNESCO announced Old Quarter as the World Heritage Site 25 years ago.

Besides its history, Old Quarter also has outstanding sceneries. There are so many beautiful parks and gardens throughout the city. When you come here – especially in winter – Old Quarter could captivate you with its folktale-like view.

2. The Bock Casements

Do you want to witness the beauty of Luxemburg and its green meadows right from above the city? You absolutely must come to The Bock Casements! From up there, you can see many old buildings, fields, tunnels, and many things at Luxemburg.

However, we advise you to bring a car when you come there. That’s because you’ll be able to see this fantastic scenery only if you’re passing The Bock Casements’ road.

3. Grand Ducal Palace

Back when 1572, Grand Ducal Palace was the center of Luxemburg. Besides being the official residence, Grand Ducal Palace was also an important place for the Renaissance that happened hundreds of years ago.

When you come to the Grand Ducal Palace, you can stroll in the old cities and entering many historical buildings. This is exactly a recommended place where to go in Luxemburg. However, if you want to explore the city, it’s best for you to come from July to September. Because you’ll get some specially organized tours from the local communities.

4. The Walls of The Corniche

Who said the only thing Luxemburg has is towns and ancient buildings? The Walls of the Corniche will perfectly change your perception when you visit it. Just like its name, The Walls of the Corniche is some spectacular walls that stand at the corner of Luxemburg.

Regardless of its antiquity, The Walls of the Corniche has a large and fascinating flower garden inside it. And at the center of the walls, there is a river with greenish water most visitors use to canoe. If you’re searching for places where to go in Luxemburg, you couldn’t leave this one out of your list.

5. Place Guillaume II

Among the pedestrian zone of Luxemburg, there’s this antique building called Place Guillaume II. What makes Place Guillaume II different from other old buildings here is its gigantic open space. If other places have fields, meadows, and old cities, Place Guillaume has the hugest strolling site at the Luxemburg.

That’s all the best places you can visit when you come to Luxemburg. Start to pack your bag right now and come to this antique town with your beloved one! You don’t need to ask any more about where to go in Luxemburg, all you need to do now is just to go there.