Don’t be Worry, This is Why Parents Still Using Pacifier for The Baby

It is challenging when you welcome the baby’s born. You have to deal with people’s stigma and common sense, including the use of a pacifier. Until now, several parents are still stuck in confusion about the safety of a pacifier. On the other hand, this baby stuff is still easily found in the baby shop. That is why we want to tell you some reasons why parents still using pacifier. Because, actually, it is safe as long as the baby uses it properly.

The cons people say that using a pacifier could cause nipple confusing. When the baby is still direct breastfeeding, avoid giving a pacifier. Because the baby will reject the real nipple and only want to suck a pacifier. Also, they consider a pacifier as the cause of speech delay. Sucking a pacifier won’t exercise the mouth muscles. However, these reasons below about why parents still using pacifier are worth to be considered too:

1. Lower Risk SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the most feared cause for the baby’s death. It is good to give a pacifier right after the breastfeeding time is over. The pacifier supports your baby to keep active gently. When you find the pacifier drops from your baby’s mouth and he/she is sleeping, it is okay not to put back to their mouths.

2. Relaxing Distraction

There is a moment when you are stressed to make your baby is calm. For example, when they are going to have immunization or other treatment. A pacifier helps to relax their fear. By sucking it, the muscle will no longer tight. That is why parents still using pacifier and bring it together with the baby.

3. Helpful While in the Flight

The reason why adult people take candy or chew gum when the flight takes off is to minimize the discomfort. It is also applicable for the baby when sucking a pacifier. The air pressure makes their ear discomfort too. So, give a pacifier will help them to relieve the pain and “pop” the air inside.

4. Shooting the Fussy

A baby is happy when he/she has something to grab or suck. Thus, a pacifier helps the parent a lot when the baby gets fussy. It is relaxing if you don’t like seeing them sucking their thumb. Whether your baby sucks the pacifier or fingers, it will give the same effect. But maybe different sensation for them.

5. Helpful in Bedtime

You might give them breastfeed to get them to fall asleep. But sometimes they don’t want to drink because the stomach is already full. So, help them relax their body by giving a pacifier. Indeed, the pacifier won’t affect how long they sleep. But at least it is a trick to make them calm.

Seeing the reasons why parents still using pacifier above, actually, this stuff is really useful. What makes the parents avoid using a pacifier are also needs to be understood. There are some tips to choose the right pacifier. You need to explore that to avoid what you worried about in mind.