Countries You Should Avoid To Come When On Vacation

Visiting another country for a tour is a valuable experience. In addition to tourist sites that may not necessarily be in other places, traveling abroad can be a place to get to know the social culture of people in other parts of the world. But there are some countries you should avoid to come. However, some countries are recommended not to be visited. Not only because of security reasons, but strict rules from the country to tourists are also a matter to be taken into account before traveling. The following summarizes the five least recommended destinations to visit.

1. North Korea

North Korea (North Korea) is the most closed country in terms of technological progress and information disclosure in the world. Certainly not without reason North Korea did that. Political issues and isolation from outside circumstances make North Korea the most dangerous country to avoid tourists, both women, and men. Think repeatedly before deciding to go to this dictatorial state.

Several things must be taken into account before coming to this country, such as a strict visa policy, internet, and telecommunications access, in and out of the country, to freedom of access to tourist sites in the country that are very supportive.

2. Somalia

This country has quite complex domestic problems, such as terrorism attacks, high crime, to the poor national economic conditions. This fact makes one of the countries namely the Australian Government issued a travel ban (do not advise travel) to all its citizens if you want to travel to Somalia.

On July 26, 2019, terrorist groups attacked a hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The attack was through a bomb blast placed in a car near the hotel, as a result of the incident killed 26 people. It is knowing, the Al Shabab terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the terror.

3. India

The country of India has become one of the most hostile countries for women. That is because many cases of rape of women. However, if you want to continue to see the charm of the country of India. Then you can prepare tips and strategies, for example avoiding to take out at night.

4. Venezuela

Nowadays Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries to visit. The prolonged economic and political crisis in this country is a supporting factor for not renewing this country led by Nicolas Maduro.

Looting, kidnapping, power outages, and internet access difficulties make factors that can challenge tourists, especially those from abroad. The country has many tourist destinations, such as Margarita Island, Canaima National Park, and Los Roques beach and underwater tours.

5. Ukraine

Ukraine is one of Europe’s most avoided countries for traveling. Some regions of Ukraine bordering Russia became the location of conflicts between countries. Besides, there are many groups in the former Soviet Union. Criminality and theft rates make Ukraine vulnerable for tourists to take a vacation.

That’s some countries you should avoid to come Before traveling to the place of dreams. Try to find various kinds of information related to your destination. Also, it also expected that the country you are aiming. For is a country that is known to be safe for tourists, especially for women or for those of you who are traveling alone.