5 Best Swimming Beach Lake Tahoe Must Visit

Lake Tahoe has until 71 miles of coastline and the largest alpine lake of North America. All types of tour activities can be felt at Lake Tahoe. For example, hiking, sunbathing and swimming. The best thing when visiting Lake Tahoe is visiting the best swimming beach Lake Tahoe.

Pope Beach

1. Sand Harbor beach

This beach is part of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Sand Harbor is about three miles south of the village slope in Nevada. The sand harbor is one of the best swimming beach Lake Tahoe and is on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. This beach is a beautiful place to swim and there are even bays to be explored by scuba divers.

Not only that, sand harbor beach has a boat site, picnic area, and has a visitor center. If you have an interest in poetry, then you should come to this beach for the annual Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

2. Baldwin Beach on Lake Tahoe

This beach is equivalent to California if the sand harbor is the best beach on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Baldwin Beach is on the south side of Lake Tahoe. This beach is dominated by the impressive Tallac Mountain. Baldwin Beach is the best swimming beach Tahoe Lake, because, this beach tends to be very warm and friendly. In fact, this location can rent picnic tables, grills, and several places for people who want to relax.

3. Pope Beach

Pope Beach is on the south coast of Lake Tahoe which has some tall pine trees. This large tree offers a nice little shade bag. This is a solution to enjoy summer on the beach without burning for people who want to relax.

Many benches and picnic tables are found on Pope Beach. Thus, people can easily find a comfortable place to relax. If relaxing by sitting on the beach is not enough, trying to swim is the solution. Because this beach is one of the best swimming beach Lake Tahoe.

4. Lester Beach

Lester Beach is on inside DL Bliss State Park on the west coast of Lake Tahoe. State Park becomes a super place to explore all types of activities. This beach offers a stunning pool area with beautiful blue waters. Thus, this makes Lester Beach one of the best swimming beach Lake Tahoe.

Lester Beach is a great place for relaxing on the sand with fun beach games or good books. However, one problem on this beach is the limited parking lot. If you visit this beach, you must find a parking place further away and walk.

5. Commons Beach

Commons Beach is located in the city of Tahoe, making it a more crowded beach visited on the shores. There is a beautiful garden with grass areas and shade to cool the sunny days. Also, Commons Beach has a play area for some children and plenty of picnic tables and benches to relax. On the Commons Beach, there are very impressive views of the Sierra Mountains.

Those are 5 best swimming beach Lake Tahoe you should visit when in Nevada. Not to mention, the beaches are a list of tourist destinations that will make a comfortable vacation.