The Secrets Of Best Example of Copywriting You Need To Know

best example of copywriting

As a father of advertising, David Ogilvy said that the best advertisement never seems it sells the product itself. This statement sounds counterintuitive with the goal of business which is making money. But believe it or not, the more implicit the message, sometimes the more interesting for the audience. So, they don’t feel forced to buy. Here you need to find the secrets of the best example of copywriting below.

Some people think it is easy to create a copy or headline. But the others think harder to arrange words becomes punchy, attractive, and powerful. It needs the skill to absorb what the product or brand really wants to say, then translates into a sentence for advertisement. May you follow the tricks below and see how it works as the best example of copywriting we recommend to you:

1. Keep Simple and Straight to the Point

Simplicity and nothing too loud are the keys for some brands. The simpler, the more straightforward. Headlines never are more than 10 words. All words are straightforward describes what the brand or product want to say. This style is also seen from the sub-headline too. The copywriter uses a single sentence that exactly works for the main idea. You can find this sample from the gadget or electronic advertisement like Apple, Samsung, etc.

2. Using Fact for Description

Data is a matter for certain people. If you tell them by data, whether in number or fact explanation, they are attracted by this. Data is also strengthened your brand or product quality. Moreover, you add a trusted source, such as from Google, Nielsen, and other research companies. See this copywriting style in The Economist, several health product advertisements, baby care, woman stuff, and many more.

3. Personalization Touch

Personalization becomes a trend today. Something that matched with the audience looks so brilliant. It seems like the advertisement is a person who talks directly. It feels like the brand or product knows everything before its target tells their need. The key to using personalization is knowing to whom you speak. Greet them by name and company, or a sweet sentence like “how are you?”, “How was your sleep?”, etc. The insurance company usually uses this method. Or, restaurant, airlines, and other company that focuses on the human touch service.

4. A Little Rude is Okay

The best example of copywriting comes up from the rude headline too. It is common to use this style to criticize something or as a reaction. KFC did this by changing its letter into FCK on their print ad. This campaign was to respond to their internal issues for the public. Durex is also using this style. There are lots of advertisements with rude copywriting. As long as you put the ad in the right place and time, your ad would surprise the public.

5. Create Imagination

A copywriter who chooses this style should be brilliant. They have to direct people’s imagination into one situation. Put the audience to that condition and make them feel it. Airlines sometimes use this style for their advertisement. But if you want to see the unique one, you can see from Porsche, social campaign ads, and many more.

Remember, your audience uses their logic before they buy or do something for you. Unless you have successfully built a strong relationship with them. Then, they don’t have to think twice spend money and time. But, the best example of copywriting you might find always shows how memorable and emotional it is.