Basic Learning For Kindergarten That Parents Should Know

As parents, we usually want something the best for our children. It starts with the food, shirt, and also education. All of the needs of our children should be the best, including for education. Therefore, we must know early about what is the best education for our children. We can give a random education. We need to know well about the education need of them which can help them to increase their ability early. In addition, basic learning for kindergarten is very needed for our children as the first education.

The following paragraph will be important information for the parent on what the children learn in kindergarten. Parents should know the basic learning for their children to guide them to be better and be the smart children.

1. Playing With Letter and The Sounds

The letter is the smallest item of the word. Before knowing the word, children should know about the letter first. Unfortunately, teaching the letter to children is not as easy as we think. We should combine the material with the way they think and they like.

For example, as a parent, we usually sing with our children. In addition, we need to change the letter into the song lyrics. For example,  A B C D E F G and others.  Make the letter as a song and sing together with your children.

2. Playing With Numbers

Except for the letter, the number is also important as the basic learning for kindergarten. By knowing the number in early childhood, children will grow up smartest. Therefore, we need to teach them the number with patience and regularly. The best way to learn numbers is by playing with them.

We can teach them to count their doll or toy. We are also able to use our fingers as the symbol to count the number. In addition, teach numbers for children cannot succeed just one time. We need to teach it a few times and count more.

3. Playing With Sight

Usually, children with good knowledge about sight are very cute. They are able to pick anything that introduces by their parent. If they are able to do that, it means that children have a good sight. Unfortunately, not all children are able to catch the sight word fluently. Some of them are still difficult to sight.

Therefore, we need to understand well about the character and abilities of our children. We also need to teach the sight regularly in order to make them understand well. Children are usually difficult to memorize a word or thing. indeed, some of them are easy to memorize the word. We can train them by playing with sight in every condition to make them familiar with the word.

To sum up, as a parent, we need to do the best for our children including basic learning for kindergarten. Kindergarten moment is a golden moment for children. Thus, we must teach and train them more like first learning. The more we train, the more they get knowledge from us. Teach them a good ability, thus they will grow smarter.