Are Autoimmune Diseases Curable? Read The Explanation Here

Many asked, are autoimmune diseases curable? Before answering the question, you have to understand what autoimmune is. Autoimmune is a disease that can’t be seen. The disease attacks the human’s body immune system. Whereas, the function of autoimmune is to guard the body against viruses, bacteria, and foreign cells. 

are autoimmune diseases curable

So, imagine how your body will react when your autoimmune attacks your own body? And receives foreign cells? This will shock the body and cause the body to become weak. Some signs of the disease are hair fall, not focus and easily getting tired. Now, people are asking are autoimmune diseases curable or will it just become worse? Well, nothing is impossible, and these are some ways people have got better from autoimmune diseases. 

 1. Tight therapy with Doctor

The question of are autoimmune diseases curable is still hard to answer. Doctors haven’t found the exact medicine for autoimmune diseases yet. However, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be controlled. Therefore, it doesn’t cause side effects for the patients. Therapy and consuming doctors’ medicine is a must. Ensure to consume the medicines right on time. This will help lessen up the pain and side effects of autoimmune disease. 

2. Eat Healthy Food

A patient in the USA is an example of a patient that has got better. Despite getting treatments from the hospital the girl also made a change in her life. She started cutting off sugar, dairy and consumed the supplement. After a year of change, her blood pressure became normal and was healthier than ever. So, by controlling what you eat can also help cure your health. Plan a healthy diet such as a Keto diet in your daily life. At first, it will be hard.

3. Consume Omega3

A vitamin/ supplement that patients can consume to get better is omega3. This vitamin is known to help the development of human’s brain. The component of Omega3 can help autoimmune of the body and prevent bacteria from entering the body.

4. Adjust Activity

Autoimmune disease may not be curable, but at least don’t make it worse. Therefore, if you are diagnosed, remember your health. Don’t make it any worse by working all day. Or have full activity. If your body is giving signs of tired, then take a break. Don’t force it because it will make the disease worse. 

5. Support from Family

Despite medicines, supplements, and healthy food, support is also a medicine to cure autoimmune disease. Families must support the patients and help as much as possible. The number one key to the cure is a spirit from the patients. Because most patients feel desperate, hopeless and feel like its the end. Therefore, make sure to support your family. Whether it is by helping their activity. Or just being by their side when they need you is a simple medicine. 

So, are autoimmune diseases curable? Well, not yet. Doctors already found ways to make patients better but not cured. Rather than having to treat it, it is better to prevent it. Women have the biggest risk of getting this disease. 70% of the patients are a woman. But remember a disease will never choose a woman or man. So, for anyone who feels autoimmune disease signs, go to a doctor and check it out.